Writing for Government - Half-day and One day


This workshop is designed to explore the demands of the writing tasks that present in day-to-day work. The workshop will identify the elements that contribute to creating business documents that are clear, concise and correct.

Emphasis will be given to writers taking responsibility for, and practising skills in revising and editing their work. At all times this will be done in a context that acknowledges the existing skill of the participants but promotes the benefits of refining skills to increase efficiency and effectiveness.


At the conclusion of the session participants will be able to:

  • Understand the fundamentals of writing for Government
  • Recognise the need to write in plain English
  • Recognise changes in style and tone
  • Apply communication guidelines, protocols and procedures for internal correspondence, briefing notes, reports and letters
  • Apply a structure for easy and effective letter writing
  • Structure reports for effective and easy reading
  • Apply email etiquette and guidelines
  • Improve their skills in editing grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Apply techniques for proofreading