Writing in Plain English - Half-day and One day


This workshop is designed for government employees to explore and practise writing in plain English. It reflects the move by government and the legal profession towards writing plain English when communicating with the general public.

Writing in plain English is more than exchanging complex words for simple words; it focuses on the purpose of the document, the needs of the audience and the best choice of language to deliver key messages.

The workshop will identify elements that contribute to creating plain English documents that are clear, concise and correct. Emphasis will be given to writers taking responsibility for, and practising skills in revising and editing their work.


At the conclusion of the session participants will be able to:

  • Recognise the need to write in plain English to ensure members of the general public understand key messages
  • Apply a planning process including the identification of purpose and audience need
  • Recognise changes in style and tone when writing in plain English including the:
  1. use of accessible language and minimising jargon
  2. use where appropriate of the active voice
  3. use of simpler, less flowery language
  • Apply techniques for developing and editing documents in plain English including punctuation, grammar and spelling where appropriate.