Ministerial Writing - Half-day and One day


This workshop is designed to provide staff with agency and ministerial expectations for briefing notes and ministerial correspondence. During the workshop participants will engage in activities that focus on writing documents that are clear, concise, correct, considerate and comprehensive. Applying plain English principles will be a focus.

The process of writing from planning through to drafting and editing will be explored, with a focus on writing as a problem solving exercise. Participants will work on content relevant to their area when reviewing and applying concepts presented and practised during the workshop.


By the conclusion of the workshop participants will have:

  • ¨       Explored the concept of writing as a problem solving activity
  • ¨       Identified the purpose and audience for pieces of writing
  • ¨       Identified the important content and process for developing a briefing note and a response to ministerial correspondence
  • ¨       Generated and organised ideas for a writing task
  • ¨       Identified and reviewed their own work using plain English principles
  • ¨       Shared understandings on some key elements that support clarity at whole text and paragraph level.