Customer Service


Working effectively with customers, both internal and external, is crucial for today’s organisation. Whether the focus is over the counter, on the phone or other sections of one’s own organisation, this program looks at what constitutes good service and the barriers that may exist to providing a high level of customer service.

The program also identifies the skills that enable people to work effectively with their customers and provides development in these skills areas that will assist participants to more ably meet the needs of their customers. Those difficult customer situations also need to be identified and strategies to more effectively deal with these can be explored.


As a result of this program, participants should be able to develop and enhance their:

  • Understanding of the principles and value of quality customer service
  • Capacity to identify key customer touch points and the extent each touch point delivers a perception of quality service
  • Understanding of the elements of superior customer service
  • Understanding of the levels of customer service
  • Knowledge of barriers to effective service
  • Understanding of effective communication strategies to maintain relationships
  • Ability to apply effective strategies for managing challenging, angry, aggressive or frustrated customers
  • Understanding problem solving strategies
  • Ability to develop a win /win attitude and staying energized 
  • Ability to apply strategies to build customer relationships, solving challenging concerns and exceed the customers’ expectations
  • Building a complaints log for continuous improvement