Coping with Change


This workshop will explore the difference between change and transition and will focus on strategies to enable participants to come to terms with what is required in the changed situation. It will enable participants to define their personal attitudes to change and develop personal coping strategies.


On completion a participant will be able to:
• Demonstrate Techniques for developing resilience
• Demonstrating understanding relation to emotional resistance to change
• Recognise the inevitability of change in the modern workplace
• Explain the role of control in the change process

• Define their personal attitudes to change
• Develop personal coping strategies for managing change
• Analyse the attitude to change of those involved in a change process
• Develop a range of skills to successfully help manage change in an organisation
• Compare and differentiate the responses of others to change
• Identify types of change and where change occurs
• Explain the effects that change has on performance
• Apply techniques to support yourself and others through times of change.