Time Management - Half-day and One day


Managing time effectively in the current work situation is vital to individual and organisational survival. It is however a skill that many people find difficult to achieve. Sometimes this is because of their own practice, other times because of the impact of colleagues or organisational procedures. Because of the range of causes of time management difficulties, it is important to provide a range of strategies to meet individual needs and priorities. This session looks at the basic principles of time management and then examines their application to individual situations.

Course Outcomes

At the conclusion of the program participants will have:

  • developed an understanding of the principles of effective time management;
  • investigated different organisational styles that impact on time management;
  • examined the types of time usage in their work situation;
  • identified the major time wasters in their work situation and strategies to overcome these problems; and
  • explored strategies to improve their own and others’ work efficiency.