Written Job Application Skills - Half-day and One day


This workshop is designed to provide participants with an awareness of current job application techniques when applying for positions within the Western Australian public sector. Participants will gain an understanding of the requirements for effectively addressing job-related requirements/selection criteria.


Participants will be able to understand and apply job application writing skills to win an interview.


  • The public sector job environment
  • Understanding the job-related requirements
  • Identifying your skills and abilities
  • Drafting written responses
  • Drafting a positive covering letter
  • Planning your resume to reflect the job related requirements
  • Making your job application stand out



On completion of this workshop participants will have

  • examined recruitment and selection requirements across the public sector
  • identified relevant skills and abilities
  • understood the need to analyse the JDF to identify the context of the role and the job related requirements
  • explored structures for effectively addressing job-related requirements/selection criteria
  • explored current resume structures
  • examined differing structures for a covering letter