Managing Employee Performance - Half-day and One day


An effective performance management process is designed to enhance the growth and development of all staff to assist in achieving organisational goals. This program outlines the underlying principles behind an effective performance management system and focuses on the skills associated with conducting effective performance management processes for those who may be responsible for the management of others.

The program highlights the skills required to negotiate performance agreements; give and receive feedback; and resolve conflict within the performance management process. The course can be adapted for staff who do not have a performance manager's role but are required to participate in the process.

Content. The content can include:

  • Performance management principles
  • Elements of an effective performance management system
  • Skills required by a performance manager to successfully engage staff in the performance management process
  • Knowledge and skills required by staff to gain the most from the performance management process

Learning Outcomes. As a result of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Identify the differences between performance management and performance appraisal;
  • Explore the elements that make up a successful performance management process; and
  • Explore and practise the skills necessary for engaging successfully in a performance management process.