Job Interview Skills - Half-day and One day


Participants will be able to understand and confidently demonstrate the skills of successful job interview techniques.

Coaching to Enhance Motivation and Performance

This program is designed for managers and supervisors who have the responsibility for the performance development or supervision of staff. The program is designed to develop skills and understandings to support the learning and development of staff to complement the performance management/ development process and build skill and knowledge within the workplace.

Accountable and Ethical Decision Making

Participants will gain an understanding of their accountability requirements and the standards of behaviour expected of them in their daily work. Link to Course curriculum below:

PS Commissioner’s Circular 2009-03

Counselling Skills for the Workplace

This workshop will explore the application of  counselling skills in a work context to assist resolve issues impacting on the workplace.

Emotional Intelligence - Half-day and One day


This program focuses on understanding emotional intelligence concepts and techniques, and applying them in the workplace.

Building Personal Resilience


The program is designed to assist in the development of constructive strategies to increase personal resources in times of frustration and stress.

Conflict Management - Half-day and One-day


Participants will be able to understand the principles of conflict management and apply the skills to manage conflict constructively and positively in the work situation in different situations.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

In an effective work environment, staff need to be skilled in giving and receiving feedback.  Whether in the day to day interactions in the office, or as part of a performance management system, many individuals find it difficult to give feedback in a consistent and effective manner.
By analysing specific situations, skills and behavioural styles, participants are able to gain insight into the complexities of the process and then begin to practise the skills necessary to increase their effectiveness.  The program enables participants to develop their understanding of the role of feedback as a key to effective communication in the workplace.

Coping with Change


This workshop will explore the difference between change and transition and will focus on strategies to enable participants to come to terms with what is required in the changed situation. It will enable participants to define their personal attitudes to change and develop personal coping strategies.

Leading and Managing Teams - Half-day and One day


Many work place environments require skill in maximising team outcomes. To do that effectively team leaders must understand the interplay between ensuring team members achieve planned tasks and do so collaboratively and cooperatively, building and maintaining team morale and harmony. Participants will be engaged through input, discussion and activities in both reflection and planning to impact positively on their team leadership competencies.