When you work with us you can expect a professional service. Throughout the process our efforts are focussed on ensuring that we meet your needs and exceed your expectations. We hope to develop an ongoing relationship with our clients as a result of delivering the "PDT Experience", as outlined below:


Initial Contact

Judi Johnston, our business manager will usually be your first contact. Judi will undertake the initial consultation to clarify your particular needs. The most appropriate director will then contact you to follow up on your request.



Follow up consultation

The appropriate director will contact you by telephone or in person to clarify your particular needs and negotiate the intervention that suits your situation. For larger contracts this follow up consultation may be with the project manager and a reference group where one exists.



Confirmation of the brief

You will be provided with written confirmation after this consultation including details of the interventions to be undertaken. This clarification will assist us to meet the desired outcomes.



Implementation of the brief

We will maintain close contact with you and your organisation during the implementation phase. This close liason will ensure that we are responsive to any necessary modifications to the program. We will draw to your attention to any emerging issues identified during the contract.



Finalisation of the brief

For major long-term projects we will report on outcomes at the conclusion of the project. This may involve the presentation of a report to a reference group or feedback from the collation of evaluation materials. Where appropriate, we will provide recommendations to further any benefits gained through the project


Ongoing contact

We may contact you some period after the contract to seek your feedback regarding our services and follow up on outcomes that have been achieved. Your feedback will assist us to continuously improve our service to you to meet your business goals


The "PDT Consultancy Experience" - it's one worth having!