Interactive Meeting Process

Interactive Meeting Process


We all spend many hours each year in meetings within our organisations. Many times these meetings are unproductive and at times even detrimental to the effective workings of the group. This program investigates processes and strategies that can be adapted to most group meetings. It assists participants to develop procedures that will enhance full participation, lead to higher quality decisions being made and ensure greater follow up in terms of actions to be taken.
The program could be suitable for individuals who lead meetings, or groups that wish to improve their meetings. The course does not include formal meeting procedures.

The content can include:

  • Clarifying the purpose of meetings
  • Creating a climate for effective meetings
  • Using an interactive style of meeting procedure
  • Looking at different models of decision making
  • Developing a "Participative Agenda Setting Board"
  • Using a range of group processes to enhance participation
  • Developing strategies to move closer to consensus decision making

Learning Outcomes. As a result of this program, participants should be:

  • Familiar with an interactive method for running meetings;
  • Able to practise strategies for increasing participation in meetings; and
  • Familiar with strategies for reaching consensus decisions.