Team Building

Team Building


In today’s workplace staff are required to build links and relationships with others to develop teams capable of cohesively working towards common goals. Ongoing organisational restructuring, and short term project and contract work requires staff to adopt behaviours conducive to building teams with members that understand each other and what the organisation requires of them.

This program focuses on work related issues to establish or redefine team goals and expectations as the base for building effective teams. Exploration of individual styles, team roles and work related issues allow participants to engage in collaborative practice using processes that can be transferred into the workplace.

Content. The content can include:

  • Defining team goals
  • Defining roles and expectations
  • Defining effective team behaviour
  • The impact of individual difference
  • Team development
  • Team building processes
  • Understanding and developing participation
  • Problem solving processes
  • Working through current planning issues
  • Effective communication and review strategies

Learning Outcomes. As a result of this program, participants should be able to:

  • Enhance and develop collaborative working relationships;
  • Clarify and gain commitment to group goals and roles;
  • Learn and apply effective team problem solving strategies; and
  • Generate action plans to implement in identified areas.