Managing Your Career, Yourself and Others

Twenty first century staff need to actively engage in their career and skill development. PDT programs support staff shaping emotional intelligence to work with colleagues and clients; and build their resilience to manage workplace stress. PDT Consultancy also customises workshops for aspirant and emerging leaders from our range of learning opportunities.

Communicating and Influencing Effectively

Clear and concise communication, fit for purpose and sensitive to audience need is the foundation of workplace effectiveness. PDT develops programs to support staff, teams and leaders build their capability to communicate effectively in the range of contexts specific to their roles.

Building Productive Workplace and Stakeholder Relationships

Managing relationships with colleagues and teams, and clients and stakeholders impacts on shaping strategy and achieving results. PDT consultants believe that the relationship steers the matter: or get the relationship right and you are more likely to succeed. Our programs reflect that belief.

Demonstrating Values and Integrity

Public sector agencies working with the private sector must maintain the reputation of the organisation, operating accountably and ethically within their code of conduct. PDT works with managers and staff to understand how that applies to differing contexts and roles.